High-speed designs use digital components with very fast edge rates in their output signals which can be subjected to significant distortion and degradation creating high bit-error-rates and lower data throughput.  Insertion and reflection losses, crosstalk and impedance mismatch, are all factors, amongst others, influencing the integrity of a transmitted signal.

Empower’s E-CAP silicon capacitors provide wide bandwidth low impedance highly stable decoupling capacitors capable of being placed close and even integrated into an SoC substrate.

Empower Semiconductor is developing power management solutions enabling full unrestricted speed and performance of the latest xPUs.

  • High power density
  • High bandwidth conversion
  • Low power distribution losses
  • Vertical Power

The ability to process data and perform complex calculations at high speeds has been intensified in recent years by leaps in technologies such as artificial intelligence, 3-D imaging and autonomous driving. These technologies have exacerbated the need for faster and more complex processors and architectures.

Equipment designed to operate within a high magnetic field environment can experience power failures or abnormal operating conditions due to the force the magnetic field imposes on ferromagnetic material-based electronics.

Moreover, magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) devices can record false or distorted images due to the inferences from such electronics. Empower’s IVRs regulators use non-ferromagnetic air-core inductors ideal for operating in harsh magnetic environments.

Data being communicated and processed around the globe is rapidly growing, driving the need for a new generation of faster data processing components and elements in data centers and datacom equipment.

Empower Semiconductor offers novel fully integrated power management solutions that both increase performance and solve the power density challenge of space-constrained data-intensive applications.

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System-on-Modules (SOMs) and Computer-on-Modules (CoMs) provide all components of an embedded processing system (processors, communication interfaces, memory blocks, power management, etc.) on a single production-ready printed circuit board (PCB). This modular approach makes them ideal for embedding into a variety of end systems and applications.Empower’s IVRs provide high-density configurable multi-rails regulators enabling rapid and flexible prototyping.

Chiplet architectures are rapidly gaining popularity over monolithic designs in developing complex SoCs. While providing increased performance, design flexibility and upgradability, they do, however, require more complex power management and PCB routing.

Empower’s IVRs can be integrated as an additional chiplet into an SoC increasing the power delivery efficiency and simplifying PCB routing.

EP71XX Quad Output IVR

Overview of the EP71XX IVR

The EP71XX Series is the industry’s highest density IVR, integrating four voltage rails in a miniature IC offering industry-leading performance and extensive fault protection without external discrete components.

The EP71XX series of quad-output step-down converters combine the industry’s highest current density and efficiency with the fastest dynamic voltage scaling (DVS) and transient response.

As with all products in Empower’s IVR family, the new digitally configurable voltage regulators can deliver protection functionality without the need for external discrete components making end products smaller and cheaper to manufacture.

Electrical Parameters
Extensive Features
VIN (Min) (V)
VIN (Max) (V)
VOUT (Min) (V)
VOUT (Max) (V)
VDDIO (Min) (V)
VDDIO (Max) (V)
Operating temperature range (C)
-40 to +125
# of Outputs
Digital Interface
Package | Size
FcCSP | 5.0 x 7.0 mm
  • Up to four Integrated Voltage Regulators (IVR) with total current up to 12A
  • Vin = 3.3V ± 10%
  • No external discrete inductors or capacitors required
  • Programmable output voltage: 0.5V to 2.5V
  • Output voltage set point accuracy: ± 1.0% over PVT
  • Ultra-fast transient response: < 20mV dip on full load in 500ns step
  • Programmable Fast Dynamic Voltage Scaling: ± 6 mV/ns
  • DVS On-Demand through user-programmable GPIO
  • User-defined GPIO functions: DVS, PG, I2C alert, Over-current warning
  • Flexibility to support wide range of digital interface logic levels (1.2 – 3.3V)
  • Extensive fault protection: OVLO, UVLO, OVP, PG, current limiting, short-circuit protection
  • Telemetry: accurate current (± 8%), voltage (± 1.5%) and temperature (± 4C) reporting
  • Adjustable, fast soft-start with low in-rush current
  • Built-in Programmable power sequencing (including multiple devices)
  • Synchronization option to external clock
  • I2C interface to coordinate sequencing, telemetry, DVS/AVS and diagnostics
  • Offered in 5mm x 7mm FcCSP, and die form

Empower IVR™ EP71XX Product Family Fully integrated power supply on a chip - no discrete components

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Efficiency and Size Benefits

Empower’s IVRs are high-performance power management chips designed to provide efficiency, size, and cost benefits to energy-hungry, data-intensive, electronics applications by replacing traditional power management integrated circuits (PMICs) with a single tiny IC. IVRs monolithically integrate the voltage regulator semiconductor and all the necessary discrete components into a single device. Such integration simplifies the design and implementation of voltage regulation circuitry, improves efficiency by eliminating connection losses, reduces susceptibility to EMI, minimizes the bill of materials, enhances overall reliability and reduces PCB footprint.

The EP71XX series delivers an impressive 12A of continuous current with up to 4 voltage regulators in a single FcCSP package that measures just 5mm x 7mm and only 0.7mm in height! Maximum efficiencies can be achieved, minimizing losses across the widest possible range of operating conditions.

Ultra-fast transient response supports regulation through a load step and the programmable ‘ExpressV’ DVS-on-demand is capable of up to 6mV/ns. This feature is more than 1000x faster than other competing technologies and enables rapid, lossless, processor state changes that can significantly reduce processor power.

Extensive Built-in Flexibility

The new IVRs operate from a single 3.3V input and offer output current options up to 12A. The EP71XX family comprises a variety of devices that can provide the available 12A from one to four independent outputs. Output voltages are programmable from 0.5V to 2.5V and output voltage set-point accuracy is +/- 1.0%. Built-in fault protection and warning capabilities cover OVLO, UVLO, OVP, OCP and short-circuits.

The EP71XX devices pack a full suite of telemetry functionality to report voltage, current and die-temperature, and continue to feature programmable soft-start and DVS ramp rates via the digital interface. Enhancements to the EP71XX include advanced features such as user-programmable power-up/power-down sequencing, user-configurable logic levels and programmable GPIOs to enable customized system functionality. All configurations and diagnostics are available through a standard I2C interface.

Target applications for the new series will include optical transceivers, active cables, memory modules and storage devices, networking equipment such as GPON and Photonic Service Switches, PoL power for CPUs, GPUs, accelerators and AI processors and 5G systems.

Part NumberDescriptionInput VoltageVR Regulated OutputsVR1 lout [A]VR2 lout [A]VR3 lout [A]VR4 lout [A]Vout Min [V]Vout Max [V]Package TypePackage Size (L x W) [mm]Package Thickness [mm]Product BriefBuy/Inquire
EP7112Single Output 12A IVR3.3V112---------0.502.50FcCSP7.0 x 5.00.70
EP7124Dual Output IVR3.3V210.51.5------0.502.50FcCSP7.0 x 5.00.70
EP7122Dual Output 12A IVR3.3V293------0.502.50FcCSP7.0 x 5.00.70
EP7125Dual Output IVR3.3V27.54.5----0.502.50FcCSP7.0 x 5.00.70
EP7123Dual Output 12A IVR3.3V266------0.502.50FcCSP7.0 x 5.00.70
EP7139Triple Output 12A IVR3.3V391.51.5---0.502.50FcCSP7.0 x 5.00.70
EP7131Triple Output IVR3.3V364.51.5---0.502.50FcCSP7.0 x 5.00.70
EP7136Triple Output 12A IVR3.3V3633---0.502.50FcCSP7.0 x 5.00.70
EP7133Triple Output 9A IVR3.3V3333---0.502.50FcCSP7.0 x 5.00.70
EP7148Quad Output IVR3.3V47. x 5.00.70
EP7144Quad Output 12A IVR3.3V44. x 5.00.70
EP7145Quad Output IVR3.3V44.5331.50.502.50FcCSP7.0 x 5.00.70
EP7143Quad Output 12A IVR3.3V433330.502.50FcCSP7.0 x 5.00.70
EP7142Quad Output 6A IVR3.3V41. x 5.00.70

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