Communication & High-Speed Transceiver SoCs

The megatrends of cloud computing, Big Data, IoT, Social and Web2.0 continue to accelerate and drive the insatiable need for unlimited bandwidth. There is a clear need to increase the speed of the interconnect pipes, within data centers over short reach data center optical connectivity and to deliver low cost, high-speed 50/100/200/400G interconnects supported by smaller form factor modules. 

Power management solutions within these modules can be larger than the SoC itself, increasing form factors and cost.  Signal throughput is a function of the quality of the power signals. Tradition voltage regulator solutions are very noisy with high ripple. Expensive and large external filtering is required along with power wasting on-chip LDOs to achieve the necessary power integrity.

There is a better way. Design the SoC with Your Inner Power: Empower RIVRTM integrated voltage regulators (IVR) eliminate wasted PCB space, provide the highest power signal integrity, lower EMI and remove the need for expensive voltage rail filtering and LDOs.

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