The Highest Performance, Smallest Size, and Most Configurable Capacitor Technology Platform Ever!


The New Silicon Capacitor Revolution

Empowers E-CAP™ is a Revolutionary New Entry in the Capacitor Industry

E-CAP™ is a vastly superior performing capacitor, far exceeding the semiconductor industry’s previously leading Multi-Layer Ceramic Capacitors (MLCC).


E-CAP™ technology features superior stability with no DC or AC bias de-rating, no temperature de-rating, and no significant effects of aging.  Combined with the ultra-low ESL (15pH), E-CAP™ provides a highly simplified and reliable solution to the system designer.  This highly differentiated high-performance technology is available in configurations up to 8.4µF.
Part NumberDescription# of CapacitorsCapacitanceOperating VoltagePackage TypePackage Size (L x W) [mm]Package Thickness [mm]DownloadInquire/Buy
EC1001PUltra-low profile 220nF Silicon Capacitor1220nF4.0VCSP1.0 x 0.5 (0402/1005m)0.15
EC1100PUltra-low profile 670nF Silicon Capacitor Array5110nF x 3, 145nF and 200nF4.0VCSP2.5 x 0.60.15

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