Industry’s highest performance and most compact capacitor technology enables new levels of power and signal integrity


The New Silicon Capacitor Revolution

Empower high-density E-CAP™ technology integrates into a monolithic device multiple discrete capacitances.

Compared to the ubiquitous multilayer ceramic capacitors (MLCC), E-CAP offers vastly improved electrical and mechanical performance:


  • 5x greater density
  • No AC/DC, temperature or aging derating
  • Ultra-low 15pH ESL
  • Ultra-wide bandwidth
  • 50μm or lower thickness capable
  • No audible noise susceptibility

The superior E-CAP stability allows to reduce the nominal capacitance needed to guarantee the effective capacitance required by the system. And with their compact form, thinness and improved electrical performance, E-CAP products are perfectly suited for high-frequency/high-speed data intensive power-hungry applications where power and signal integrity is critical.

Standard products

Empower offers standard E-CAP products adequate for a wide variety of applications. The product selector table below lists our current product selection.

Custom products

Empower E-Cap technology can be customized to various form factors and package options to fit specific applications and performance levels. In most cases, samples are available in less than 4 months. Contact us using the form below for an initial assessment of your project.

Part NumberDescription# of CapacitorsCapacitanceOperating VoltagePackage TypePackage Size (L x W) [mm]Package Thickness [μm]DownloadInquire/Buy
EC1001PUltra-low profile 200nF Silicon Capacitor1200nF4.0VCSP1.0 x 0.5 (0402/1005m)150
EC1002PUltra-low profile 215nF Silicon Capacitor1215nF4.0VCSP1.0 x 0.5 (0402/1005m)150
EC1100PUltra-low profile 670nF Silicon Capacitor Array5110nF x 3, 145nF and 200nF4.0VCSP2.5 x 0.6150
EC2047BUltra-low profile 4,800nF Silicon Capacitor Array171x 600nF, 11x 200nF, 5x 400nF2.0VCSP2.3 x 1.9200

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