What is an Integrated Voltage Regulator (IVR)?

An IVR is a high-performance switching voltage regulator that eliminates or integrates all discrete components into a single device.

Empower Semiconductor develops high-frequency Integrated Voltage Regulators (IVRs) entirely on the industry’s most advanced CMOS process.  These IVR products fully integrate ALL power supply discrete components, thereby simplifying the design process and shrinking the PCB area consumed by power management.

By using an advanced CMOS geometry platform, the Empower Semiconductor products can also be integrated directly into a SoC package to further reduce the power area and energy consumed. In comparison to today’s state-of-the-art power management ICs, Empower’s products enable:


  • Significant area reduction consolidating all discrete components
  • Higher transient accuracy with 100x faster settling time
  • Nanosecond speed DVS delivering up to 50% energy savings
  • Advanced CMOS process allows for SoC Integration capability

3x Area Reduction with Zero Discrete Components

Say goodbye to discrete inductors, capacitors and resistors!  Empower either eliminates the need for the components altogether or integrates them completely into the package.

All difficult design decisions are made using the Empowered Development Tools.

Through the optimization, coordination, and combination of technologies by Empower the user can simply select their operating preferences with the GUI to configure the device using the high-speed I3C bus.


Higher Transient Accuracy with 100x Faster Settling Time

Traditional DC/DC converters must operate at low frequencies (0.3MHz – 3MHz) to achieve high efficiency.  The low operating frequency means low bandwidth with large output and input filtering to achieve reasonable transient response.  Several large or bulky output capacitors are typically placed in parallel to obtain 100μF or more.

Empower’s wide bandwidth regulators enable high accuracy voltages during full scale and extremely fast transients.  Eliminating the large capacitors allows the Empower IVR’s output voltage to drop by 1/3 or less with recovery times 100x faster versus current best in class DC/DC converters.

1,000x Faster DVS Can Lead to 50% Energy Savings

Existing power management ICs (legacy slow power management) are too slow to react to changing system voltage requirements.  As power is proportional to voltage squared, significant power is wasted with the excess voltage.

Empower IVR products exhibit ultra-fast dynamic voltage scaling (>1000x faster than the current best in class power management) and enable processor power state changes in nanoseconds. Nearly instantaneous voltage delivery eliminates the excess voltage & wasted power.

The Highest Performance, Smallest Size, and Most Configurable Capacitor Technology Platform Ever!

Empowers E-CAP™ is a Revolutionary New Entry in the Capacitor Industry. Find out more by clicking below.