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Empower Semiconductor was founded with the belief that power management shouldn’t be a necessary evil that system designers consider last in the design process.   We believe that with a fundamental change in how power is delivered, power management will be considered as a primary value add during the early architectural decisions of SoCs.

– Tim Phillips, Empower Semiconductor COO


Empower Semiconductor was established in 2014 by a proven power semiconductor executive management team that has been at the forefront of power management innovation for more than a quarter century.    The team came together to fundamentally transform the landscape of power management by achieving the levels of integration and performance necessary to forever change how SoCs (System on Chip) are powered, maximizing their value.  Located in Silicon Valley, Empower is well-funded and is investing substantially in its breakthrough resonant power architecture, RIVRTM , delivering a leadership position in Resonant Integrated Voltage Regulators (RIVR™).


Every SoC in every application can benefit from Empower’s IVRs.  For the first time in the industry, Empower Semiconductor is enabling more than $12B of power management components to be fully integrated into SoCs. By utilizing Empower’s IP and expertise, customers can quickly adopt performance IVRs saving years of development time and millions of dollars in R&D expense.


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