High-speed designs use digital components with very fast edge rates in their output signals which can be subjected to significant distortion and degradation creating high bit-error-rates and lower data throughput.  Insertion and reflection losses, crosstalk and impedance mismatch, are all factors, amongst others, influencing the integrity of a transmitted signal.

Empower’s E-CAP silicon capacitors provide wide bandwidth low impedance highly stable decoupling capacitors capable of being placed close and even integrated into an SoC substrate.

Empower Semiconductor is developing power management solutions enabling full unrestricted speed and performance of the latest xPUs.

  • High power density
  • High bandwidth conversion
  • Low power distribution losses
  • Vertical Power

The ability to process data and perform complex calculations at high speeds has been intensified in recent years by leaps in technologies such as artificial intelligence, 3-D imaging and autonomous driving. These technologies have exacerbated the need for faster and more complex processors and architectures.

Equipment designed to operate within a high magnetic field environment can experience power failures or abnormal operating conditions due to the force the magnetic field imposes on ferromagnetic material-based electronics.

Moreover, magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) devices can record false or distorted images due to the inferences from such electronics. Empower’s IVRs regulators use non-ferromagnetic air-core inductors ideal for operating in harsh magnetic environments.

Data being communicated and processed around the globe is rapidly growing, driving the need for a new generation of faster data processing components and elements in data centers and datacom equipment.

Empower Semiconductor offers novel fully integrated power management solutions that both increase performance and solve the power density challenge of space-constrained data-intensive applications.

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System-on-Modules (SOMs) and Computer-on-Modules (CoMs) provide all components of an embedded processing system (processors, communication interfaces, memory blocks, power management, etc.) on a single production-ready printed circuit board (PCB). This modular approach makes them ideal for embedding into a variety of end systems and applications.Empower’s IVRs provide high-density configurable multi-rails regulators enabling rapid and flexible prototyping.

Chiplet architectures are rapidly gaining popularity over monolithic designs in developing complex SoCs. While providing increased performance, design flexibility and upgradability, they do, however, require more complex power management and PCB routing.

Empower’s IVRs can be integrated as an additional chiplet into an SoC increasing the power delivery efficiency and simplifying PCB routing.

Empower Semiconductor Begins Volume Production of World’s Fastest and Smallest 3.3V Integrated Voltage Regulators (IVRs)

Mar 20, 2023 | Press Release

EP71xx family available for volume shipments with 6 – 8-week lead time

San Jose, California, March 20th, 2023 — Empower Semiconductor, the world leader in Integrated Voltage Regulators (IVRs), announced today it has started production and first customer shipments of its quad-output step-down converters that combine industry’s highest power density and fastest transient response. 

The EP71xx series of power management ICs uses Empower’s state-of-the-art high speed power architectures to eliminate all external components and deliver the most compact and highest performance solution in the industry. This IVR family initially offers eight different products in single- to quad-output channel configurations and various power levels per output, making it ideal to power a wide variety of FPGAs, DSPs and multi power domains architectures. The EP71xx is suitable for data-intensive environments such as data centers, telecommunications, home and factory automation as well as ferromagnetic-sensitive medical applications.

“We are excited that the production release of our EP71xx family coincides with our presence at APEC 2023 where we have live demos of the device. We continue to advance our IVR technology as we increase operating voltage, output power, and number of regulators in a single fully integrated chip while maintaining our amazing transient response and system efficiency.” said Tim Phillips, Chief Executive Officer and Founder of Empower Semiconductor. “Customers are not only taking advantage of the elegance and simplicity of our design in shortening their time to market, but also the extensive digital programmability and features packed into the chip.”

The EP71xx series delivers 12A of continuous current with industry’s fastest transient response in a single package that measures just 5mm x 7mm and requires no external components. With only 0.7mm in height, these devices can be placed on either side of the PCB and close to the load for maximum performance. Operating from an industry standard 3.3V input power rail, the EP71xx flexibility goes beyond its ability to provide a single to quad output channel in a constant solution size; an I2C interface allows for dynamic configuration of the device which can be saved in its non-volatile memory for I2C free power up operations. Controlled power-up and power down is achieved via an on-board sequencer which sets full timing and slew rates on all rails. A full suite of telemetry functionality reporting voltage, current and die-temperature complements an array of protection features by providing remote diagnostic capabilities.

Power density, performance and simplicity make the EP71xx family the quickest time to market design IVR.

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About Empower Semiconductor

Data being communicated and processed around the globe is anticipated to drive the energy consumption of data centers and communications networks to 17% of total electricity demand worldwide by 2030(1), dramatically increasing pollution, carbon emissions and cost. Empower Semiconductor was founded with the mission to “minimize the energy footprint of the digital economy” by developing novel fully integrated power management solutions that both increase the performance and reduce the power consumption of energy-hungry, data-intensive applications.

Traditional power solutions require dozens of discrete components with big footprints, complex designs and deliver power inefficiently with poor response times and inaccuracies. Empower Semiconductor’s patented IVR technology integrates dozens of components into a single IC shrinking footprints by 10x, increasing efficiency and delivering power with unprecedented simplicity, speed & accuracy and with zero discrete components. The Empower IVR™ technology solves the power density challenge to address a wide range of applications including mobile, wearables, 5G, AI, and data centers. In 2020 the capacitor technology platform was added to further address power density. E-CAP revolutionized the capacitor industry as the world’s smallest, highest performing, and incredibly reliable capacitor for wearables, mobile, and SoC applications. The company is based in Silicon Valley, CA and is led by a team of highly experienced power experts and executives.

  1. Nature, “How to stop data centers from gobbling up the world’s electricity”, September 12, 2018

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