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Empower IVR

Traditional power solutions require dozens of discrete components with big footprints, complex designs and deliver power inefficiently with poor response times and inaccuracies. 

Empower’s patented IVR technology eliminates dozens of discrete components by using a single IC with greater efficiency and 10x reduction in PCB area. The result is power delivery with unprecedented simplicity, speed, accuracy, and NO discrete components!

Part NumberDescriptionInput VoltageVR Regulated OutputsVR1 lout [A]VR2 lout [A]VR3 lout [A]VR4 lout [A]Vout Min [V]Vout Max [V]Package TypePackage Size (L x W) [mm]Package Thickness [mm]Product BriefBuy/Inquire
EP7010CSingle Output 10A IVR1.8V110------0.501.20FcCSP5 x 50.75Download
EP7010BSingle Output 10A IVR on Interposer1.8V110------0.501.20LGA8 x 102.45Download
EP7015CSingle Output 5A IVR1.8V15------0.501.20FcCSP5 x 50.75Download
EP7024CDual Output 6A IVR1.8V233---0.501.20FcCSP5 x 50.75Download
EP7027CDual Output 10A IVR1.8V2820.501.20FcCSP5 x 50.75Download
EP7027BDual Output 10A IVR on Interposer1.8V2820.501.20LGA8 x 102.45Download
EP7028CDual Output 10A IVR1.8V2640.501.20FcCSP5 x 50.75Download
EP7029CDual Output 10A IVR1.8V255---0.501.20FcCSP5 x 50.75Download
EP7029BDual Output 10A IVR on Interposer1.8V2550.501.20LGA8 x 102.45Download
EP7032CTriple Output 6A IVR1.8V32220.501.20FcCSP5 x 50.75Download
EP7037CTriple Output 10A IVR1.8V36220.501.20FcCSP5 x 50.75Download
EP7037BTriple Output 10A IVR on Interposer1.8V36220.501.20LGA8 x 102.45Download
EP7038CTriple Output 10A IVR1.8V34240.501.20FcCSP5 x 50.75Download
EP7038BTriple Output 10A IVR on Interposer1.8V34240.501.20LGA8 x 102.45Download
EP7112Single Output 12A IVR3.3V112---------0.502.50FcCSP7.0 x 5.00.70Download
EP7122Single Output 12A IVR3.3V293------0.502.50FcCSP7.0 x 5.00.70Download
EP7123Dual Output 12A IVR3.3V266------0.502.50FcCSP7.0 x 5.00.70Download
EP7133Triple Output 9A IVR3.3V3333---0.502.50FcCSP7.0 x 5.00.70Download
EP7136Triple Output 12A IVR3.3V3633---0.502.50FcCSP7.0 x 5.00.70Download
EP7139Triple Output 12A IVR3.3V391.51.5---0.502.50FcCSP7.0 x 5.00.70Download
EP7142Quad Output 6A IVR3.3V41. x 5.00.70Download
EP7143Quad Output 12A IVR3.3V433330.502.50FcCSP7.0 x 5.00.70Download
EP7144Quad Output 12A IVR3.3V44. x 5.00.70Download

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